Triangle Walks with OKTA Collective - Audiowalk expanded with augmented reality, 17:43 min Germany/USA

The work envelopes viewers in a three dimensional sensorial experience of dynamic relationships between humans and different species. Inspired by feminist posthumanism author Rosi Braidotti and Black science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, the augmented audio walk unfolds the perspective of “the other”–one that is a composite organism consisting of multiple entities. By refusing the often-troubling anthropocentric perspective and acknowledging the urgency of environmental degradations, the augmented audio guide is led by a symbiotic plant-like creature as they trace a speculative fiction. The fiction illustrates the state of Earth after devastating floods and the growth of new symbiotic systems and multispecies modes of care in this post-apocalyptic world.

This project was originally presented within the post-industrial landscape of Zollverein as part of the NEW NOW Conference, a space originally constructed as an anchor point for the European Route of Industrial Culture. Triangle Walks is adaptable to any kind of space in which listeners/viewers may walk.

Produced by: Dovile Aleksaite, Lucy Kerr, and Alisi Telengut
Sound Design: Andrew Siedenburg