Andrew Siedenburg is an artist, sound designer and filmmaker based in New York. His art practice weaves into his sound work for film, as each explores material conditions, emotional response to an image, and mystery within the banal. His work resists the urge to categorize or restrain the possibilities between sound, music, image and material.

Andrew started his career in 2012 as a recording studio engineer in Brooklyn, NY, miking full orchestral bands and recording to 24-track 2-inch tape transferred directly to digital. This built on an innate passion for sound and all its harmonically complex characteristics.

He began making photographs in 2016 at The School of the ICP, which led to his receiving an MFA in Photography & Media from CalArts in 2020—further developing into a material art practice in drawing, sculpture, painting, and filmmaking.

He was part of the of the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2022 and has shown installation works at galleries in New York and Los Angeles. He has worked as a sound designer, production sound mixer, and colorist on many short films, most notably Site of Passage, which debuted at FIDMarseille and Reykjavic International Film Festival in 2022. In 2023 he completed sound design on Family Portrait, an independent feature film directed by Lucy Kerr.

Andrew works independently on sound for film projects through his studio, Color Decibel, and is co-owner of the doc house Lost Horizon Films. He is a current recipient of the Creatives Rebuild New York Artist Employment Grant and is working on a documentary on environmental justice and land use issues on the North Shore of Staten Island.


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